N.B Please note in 80% of cases of blocked dpf’s on a car we can perform a regeneration clean to restore the flow through rate rather than having to replace the dpf at considerable cost of £1200 plus for the genuine O.E part. We do not recommend third party clone parts from China etc, as from our experience they fail soon after fitting.

We have been carrying out all dpf filter problem solutions since they became mainstream in 2007 in the uk and Europe. We are experts in dpf filter fault diagnostics and cut out any and all guesswork. Below are some of the related contributing problems leading to this filter having problems and limp mode being set in most occasions.

1. A dirty air filter. 2. A sooted up egr valve that is stuck open. 3. A egr valve that is broken. 4. A worn over-fueling injector. 5. A failing maf sensor allowing the engine to run rich. 6. An engine that is burning oil or failed turbo oil seal. 7. On certain manufactures a failed exhaust dpf vaporiser injector. 8. Shortage of AdBlue or eolys dpf cleaning fluid. And finally 9, not enough motorway weekly driving of at least 40 minutes at over at least 50 mph and one gear down from the car or vans top gear so achieving 2500 rpm to 3000 rpm.

We offer a full dpf filter fault solution including a full and correct diagnostics session to pinpoint where the actual fault is the first time. Then procedure as below, but we must point out that a correct diagnostic session of the cars ecu (cars computer) is critical to reveal exactly what the problem is that it is seeing and logging then proceed from there with some of the solutions below

* Carry out a full forced dpf filter regeneration static or driven.

* Fit a brand new aftermarket dpf filter with a manufactures 2 year guarantee from £370.

We are experts in the operation of undetectable dpf filter removal and mapping out.

We can diagnose DPF FILTER and all other engine management faults by carrying out a full diagnostics system read off using one of our latest top of the range diagnostics tools and find exactly where the fault is. So no misguided expensive wrong parts bought that do not fix the problem. This service is from £40 mobile at your home or work or in our garage.

Static forced DPF regeneration or passive [forced while driving the vehicle] are used mainly on vehicles that have not been meeting the DPF systems requirements to do its own passive regeneration while driving on weekly prolonged journeys at speeds over 60mph. Or if there are other faults preventing the initiation of a regeneration session. Faults can range from the DPF filter being to blocked, the exhaust temperature sensor is broken, the back pressure sensor is broken, or if the car or van has a addative container next to the fuel tank. In this situation the fluid maybe empty, or the injector pump attached to it maybe broken. Static DPF filter regenerations From £90. mobile home or work.

Dpf filter solutions can include a forced regeneration session or a chemical clean or possible filter removal and remap of the software.

Professional Dpf cleaning by trained experts in Manchester. Also DPF delete, EGR Valve cleaning, DPF forced regeneration in Bury, Style, Gatley, Trafford park, Ramsbottom, Haslingden, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, Bramhall, Bredbury, Wigan, Handforth, Heald Green, Tottington, Ashton, Little Lever, Walkden, Worsley, Hazel grove, Breightmet, Ashton under lyne, Heywood, Bury, Middleton, Salford, Prestwich, Farnworth, Bolton, Whitefield, Oldham, Rochdale, Radcliffe. Trafford park, Irlam, Urmston, We have invested in high end equipment which allows us to offer you the customers the very latest and best in technology to restore the filter flow rate levels back as it should be and take it back out of limp mode and turn the dash lights off.

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Amazing service from Gary when I took my Mazda in, doesn’t seem like there’s a job too big or too small. Rang them up and they sorted me out a slot the next day to take the car in. Very friendly people and could rate them any higher 👍

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George Mitchell

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