EGR Valve

We are experts of many years of past jobs on egr valve problems carrying out and permanent fixes and repairs by fitting blanking plates and deleting, aswell as cleaning. The egr valve is one of the main culprits of dpf filter premature failures.


The egr valve is a device that its function is to Exhaust Gas Recirculation of some of the exhaust gases for a second time. This is to burn off any unburnt diesel from the first combustion cycle and also use the recycled fumes to cool the combustion chamber, reducing harmful nitrogen build up in the cycle. But the side effect of this system is that carbon deposits build up considerably in the valve itself, jamming the valve either constantly open or constantly closed leading to poor economy and rough idling and engine performance in general, plus excessive smoking from the exhaust. Another side effect is the inlet manifold suffering a large build up of carbon that restricts air flow to the combustion system. A solution to this problem is to insert a blanking plate at the inlet manifold and electronically switch the valve operational files off within the ecu, so the valve cannot open anymore, allowing any carbon to enter the engine system again and with the operational files deleted, held with in the ecu there will be no dashboard lights illuminated or no limp mode etc. The EGR valve is a very very common failure on modern cars.

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