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You could be rest assured to have a great quality, Economy or Performance remap at a minimal price. Do not take the word of ours for it, compare the reviews of ours with various businesses and you are able to see we come minute to none.

We are able to totally alter the dynamics of the car of yours at a really low price. We are able to alter your automobiles Ecu (Brain) to your workplace more difficult and after that make use of much less gas.

Provide the car of yours the new lease of living it deserves

Are you weary of the overall performance of your automobile? Does it are gutless? Have you considered buying an automobile with better results? Is your fuel economy kind of bad?

Well, you do not have to dispose of the car of yours. We are able to provide the car of yours a performance or maybe Economy remap. Both remaps choices are going to give your automobile much more fuel economy while raising the energy to a safe fitness level. We are able to remap nearly all automobiles such as Diesel cars and Petrol and in most instances Performance may be improved by up to fifty % while gas economy up to twenty %.

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The Services of ours

We are actually well established automobile tuners to come down with Greater Manchester. With years of experience in remapping many variants of vehicles. We specialise within Engine tuning, Engine remapping, chip tuning as well as chipping.

We provide the following

Performance remaps

Economy remaps on diesel automobiles

Dpf delete: Diesel Particulate Filter delete

Egr delete: Exhaust Gas Recirculation delete

Speed limiter removals / Setting: Ford / Mercedes Only

Why Use Us?
We're proud to say we're the Number one remapping organization within the North West of England. We think the only way to evaluate a business is from their clients Google reviews. Our Google comments talk of our satisfaction and professionalism from the customers of ours that come from all sides of the UK to have their cars remapped by us.

The positives OF A REMAP INCLUDE:

Undetectable and reversible
Smoother drive
Increased torque and power
Improved towing ability
Improves gas Economy on diesel automobiles
Reduced turbo lag
Not damaging to the engine of yours
Sharper throttle

We think a remap must be affordable to everybody and this's the reason why comparatively, our costs are substantially less than other tuning and remapping businesses.

We just use real resources for remapping and don't use a generic file on the vehicle of yours which may be extremely damaging. Every remap is actually custom made to the vehicle of yours and this could be proven for you on the day time of your remap.

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