What our past re-mapping and dpf filter customers think and say

                                                                 14-01-2020. Farnworth bolton.                                                                                                       

Gary of tech tuning northwest asked me would i place this comment after he had visited my office and carried out a performance modification remap on my Bmw for better performance and bit better fuel economy. So the work was done at my convenience while i worked, the price was fair and the work has made a great difference in performance and the mpg save is noticeable. Gary is a very pleasant man with many years of knowledge and also must point out he was recommended by a friend who is a garage owner who also uses him for his dpf fault work and diagnostics. So i have no reservations what so ever of recommending him  on myself and 10 out of 10.

Ali Mohammed. taxi. Didsbury manchester. 22.11.2019
Contacted guy called gary at tech tuning northwest who i found online on a google search for dpf filter problems. Arranged an appointment and dropped my Bmw 330d off for repair work. 6 hour later received the call it was ready for pick up and had been test driven etc. So drove back to Bury and picked it up and its now completely dpf filter trouble free with no dash lights or codes and great bottom end performance as well now. So yes great service and reasonable price and i inspected the work the day after when it went in for a full break change so up on my local garages ramp..and have to admit what a top line professional welding job by these guys.
JAGUAR XF 2.2 AUTO, 2012 190.BHP MAPPED A FURTHER 38.BHP. 21/09/2019
They came and did a great job and made my beautiful car also a very sporty car now..its fabulous in every way now.
Gav in manchester centre. 
Audi A6 2011 Failsworth, Manchester. 20.09.2019
After trusting another tuning company in manchester to tune my car, it turns out they did have a job and my car suffered from flat spots and juddering, as it also turned out they were paid to delete the egr valve but hadn't at all. Gary turned up at my shop and remapped it again fully including the egr valve and now its as he explained a full range power band with no flat spots at all and also the EGR valve deleted has been done so no more juddering.
Mr Ward in manchester 12.9.19
Tech tuning northwest guy came to my house in Wythenshawe and mapped up my latest car a audi a7 all i can say is middle aged guy with big skills and good attitude and no bull S just did the business on my drive for cheap bucks while i looked after my kids. 
  Heald green, Stockport. 2016 golf 2.0 tdi148.bhp+48.bhp...Phil.
Had tech tuning northwest come and do a performance map on my golf and i
thought it was fast off the mark before but nothing like it is now it flys now.
Bmw 435i 302.bhp 2016, manchester city centre. 30-8-19.
Gary turned up bang on time at my office car park and once he had politely introduced himself and presented me with his business cards commenced the remapping work. It took him approximately two hours ten minutes as he said he had to use the tricore service method..!! don't ask me lol. But on test drive it all came evident of what he had done as feels more like an m series performance now with the extra 59.bhp. So would recommend this guy to any bmw owners or from what i know of him now anybody with any car if I'm honest.
kind regards.
Bmw M2, 2018, 365.bhp. Radcliffe- 7/7/19.
Phoned tech tuning northwest and arranged a mobile appointment while I was in my office, Gary turned up on time I handed him the key and 1 hour 50 minutes he texts me the job had been completed. So went back out and he asked me would I test drive it while he packed his equipment, wow it was fast before but now it is like hellfire on wheels with its extra 49.bhp. But now no flat spots and as Gary explained its now a positive power band until I take my foot off the go faster. Well please and well worth the £250 for the extra exhilaration.
Thank you. 
Chad-07/08/2019 Oldham.Dpf filter problem.
Insignia constantly flashing regen required.due to blocked DPF. Took to local garage twice who forced regen twice but light on dash back on after a week . Went back and they forced regen again but problem still persisted. Mentioned problem to a friend who told me about Gary and tech tuning  gave him a ring and he explained that due the town driving I was doing the DPF would constantly block and would eventually be unable to force regen. Took car to his garage and within a couple of hours Gary had worked his magic on DPF and with a extra 40bhp to boot transformed the cars performance and economy. Would highly recommended Gary and Tech tuning as this man is a expert and very reasonably priced.
Vw caddy 1.6tdi 2013 Trafford, 9th August 19.
Dpf and egr valve problem sorted out with a performance remap as well. Fantastic results now and just thank you for you expertise and know-how gary.
All the best mate i will be recommending you for sure.
Bently continental. Style Cheshire. 14.08.2018
Fantastic improvement with no more flat spots or hesitation all the way up through the range. So really delighted it turned out exactly as gary said it would, rare in this day and age. Very intelligent and nice guy too deal with a really interesting background of experience and no wonder they call him safe hands in the trade lol.
    Highly recommended by me to anybody wanting a top service and quality remap at your home at your convenience comfort.
Thanks. Domenic 
2013 vaxhaul vivaro 2.0 van/ Didsbury. 30-07-19.
Rang gary to come and map out my egr valve as i was having a problem with it. I am a self employed joiner and move one day to another job to job throughout southern manchester. So he came to the house i was working in for the day and after two hours he knocked on the door told me it was done both the egr valve and the performance remap modification he had installed. I test drove the van and big difference in the bottom end pull away power i must say, but also no more egr valve dash light and the dreaded limp mode.
Fantastic service and even more so fantastic come to me service while i work. I would recommend him to any mobile trade or anybody else.
Usman in rochdale, 2011 vw golf blue motion. 3-6-2019.
Wow!!!! I came across Techtuning due to an issue I was having with the EGR valve on the car. I was quoted £480 to replace the valve by another garage, but was advised that a cheaper solution would be to have the EGR valve blanked and mapped out. I called Gary and discussed the problem, and he advised me to have this done but also have the engine mapped to improve the performance on the vehicle. Gary came to the house and within 2.5 hours had the work complete. Gary knew exactly what he was talking about, a
nd fixed the issue without any problems. The end result is a car that is so much quicker and sounds so much healthier. Engine management light is now off and the faults have completely vanished. I would highly recommend Gary for anyone who wants a knowledgeable professional and trustworthy individual working on their car.
Marsha. in style Cheshire. 2015 Mercedes ML. Date 01-06-2019
I do not normally leave comments online for things i purchase or services i use. But as gary said he would be grateful for my honest comments on the service he provides and himself i felt this gentleman deserved me to make the effort and show my appreciation of his long earned knowledge and very professional know how of doing the job right with no corners cut, or as he explained only using authentic alientec tools and software. He took the time and answered all my insecurity questions that were born out of reading pitfalls on the forums etc. But he has done a fantastic job and i am very pleased to say this here.

Amy. peugeot partner van 1.3 hdi reg 2011. Dpf filter regeneration in cheadle.24/05/2019

A quick response and turned up promptly.  Good communication keeping me informed throughout the repair. As a single lady I feel some people have tried to take opportunity to overcharge and confuse me due to my lack of knowledge. Gary was contacted as a recammendation and when he came he took the time to explain what the options were and gave me the choice. I felt he was acting in my best interest at all times during the repair and not his own. I would recommending Gary and Techtuning Northwest to anyone as he is a very Professional service, quick response and punctual. Gary im Sorry I did not offer you a coffee and sandwich, but feel free to pop in when your next in the area and I will rectify that. Thank You.  Amy.

Ford Fiesta Petrol 2014. 25/05/2019.
My car broke down in Bury away from our home in Sheffield last Friday.
The malfunction message was an identical one from last September when it cost a couple of hundred to repair at the first garage and when that didn’t work another tow to a ford garage to diagnose.
After failing to try and get a quick appointment with a ford garage in either Bury or Sheffield I scoured the net and found Gary’s business.
To be honest I was worried I was taking a risk with Gary but I needn’t have been. From our first contact he was knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating.
He took his time to diagnose the issue and was very thorough in his assessment. He identified the issue and fixed it. What a relief! And gave some ongoing advice to boot.
All in all he saved us a lot of hassle and for a very fair price too.
Alli H ( Sheffield).
Mrs w. Audi A1 1.6 tdi reg 2013. Hyde.
Found tech tuning northwest remapping on a google search on three forumes for audi and bmw specialist. I had been advised my egr valve had failed by audi and needed renewing at a cost of £ 950 which was completely out of the question of affordabilty. So rang Gary at tech tuning northwest and he came to my house 48 hours later and mapped out the egr valve and added a performance map modification, so in one visit wow no more limp mode or problems at all and she now gets away from the lights very sweet lol.
Thank you and if anybody ever askes me do i know anybody for any problem with a car...yes i do.
Thank you from me and my kids school runs are back on thanks to you.
Nick-transit 2.2 van 2014 plate. DPF removal and delete and performance remap. 26/04/19. Stockport.
Great job at a very fair price but sorted all the massive problems i was having plus pulls like a train now.
Thanks mate

Mobile handy man little lever bolton. Vw caddy van 1.6 tdi 2015, EGR delete and performance modification.
Saved a fortune not renewing my egr valve by having it deleted by tech tuning northwest.
They arrived where i was working for the day and took the ecu off and carried out the work while i got on with mine. Then after 3 hours or so text me and said it was all finished and tested and ready for us to test drive, which i did and bang on job and a very clever guy with years of experience and a nice personality as we. 10 out 10.
Imran. bmw 330d e90 Dpf delete and performance remap. 24/04/2019. Stockport.
Message Body:
From the moment I spoke to Gary I felt like I was talking to someone who could be trusted. One thing that made me choose him in the end was how he was sharing his knowledge and making me understand the procedures, where as other tuning companies would try throwing figures to get you excited. Car now feels a lot better to run with more power and so far seems to be way better on mpg. But the main thing that puts Gary above the rest is the after sale customer service. Hes messaged me asking how I'm finding things and if the cars ok. So yeah, would definitely put my trust in this guy again for all future cars.


Roly, Bury - Audi A3 2.0 TDI. 11/04/2019.
I contacted Gary about a problem with my EGR Valve and I have to say what a fantastic service he provides, Gary has a lot of knowledge and certainly knows what he's talking about, he also saved me a lot of running about when he told me he could provide the service at my work which was brilliant. Gary sorted my EGR Valve problem and also did a remap and full diagnostic check and to his word he did a spot on job, my car feels great with more power which is exactly what I wanted, well worth the money.
I would definitely recommend Gary and 'Tech Tuning' to anyone.
Thanks mate.

                                             Kia sportage. 10-04-2019. Rawtenstall.

My car was periodically chucking out a lot of blue/black smoke out the exhaust, usually once the engine had gotten hot. I was advised by various people that deleting the EGR valve and the regeneration process would cure it. I contacted Gary through his website and within the hour he gave me a call and we went through the problems I was having. You quickly get the feeling that he is very knowledgeable and definitely knows his stuff! He assured me he could fix it and what I didn't know at the time was that he comes out to you which was a massive bonus for me. He turned up the following day on time and took as long as he said he would, about an hour and a half. I also had the engine remapped/tuned at the same time on Gary's recommendation and as it was only a few quid more seemed a no brainer. The work was done a few days ago and my issue with smoke has gone and I must admit I am enjoying the extra power. The car definitely runs better. Top work at great value for money by a true professional that I would highly recommend.

                                                James, ford transit custom 2.2 tdci 2015. Bury. 22-03-19.

This guy gary came to the site i was working on and remapped my van for more bottom end power which he advised me it needed as i pull a 1.7 ton mini digger on a trailer behind it. He called it his performance map modification, and wow what a difference on hill starts and pulling power it's amazing now. Also when the trailer is not attached and driving her as a van it is now more like driving a car with a real positive feel and away from the lights also very smooth motorway driving. So in a nutshell, it turned out as he said it would and poss better than i expected if I'm honest. But well worth the money and would have any further van or possibly car done by him from now on.

Danny in Haslingden. 2018 BMW 118i remap. 8/3/19

Had Gary of tech tuning northwest come to my office while i was working which was absolutely massively convenient service for me as my Saturdays are and Sundays are the only time i got off, so this was brilliant for me.  so he was here bang on time and carried out his magic. The car has kinda burst in to life now and has met up to my expectations as he assured me it would from his experience, and yes hats off it has, i thought he was over egging how it would improve the cars stock setting..but it was true and glad i trusted him, but i could tell by talking to him on the phone that he wasn't a wiz bang kid and knew exactly what he was talking about in this world of people just wanting your money in their pocket and will just tell you anything you want to hear. 11 out of 10 sir and thanks and its my pleasure to leave this comment. Danny.
Frank. ashton. Mercedes sprinter 2.2  2015 plate.    5/12/2018
Had a problem with my Dpf filter on going for 3 weeks, after 2 forced regenerations and 1 chemical clean and all together costing a wasted £450 as after every regeneration and then the dpf clen the van would drop in to limp mode on the very first motorway run after the work. decided to sell the van if the next garage i took it to it did the same. So the story is a friend of mine had had hi vw transporter looked at and remapped by gary at tech tuning northwest, so rang him he came the next day explained how a dpf and erg etc work together plus other systems that can be at fault and told me he suspected either the air filter or a injector. He hooked it up as he calls it and within 15 mins had checked all the injectors and told me number 3 injector was out of correction rate of +8.0 which he said is way out. Took it to bury diesels who replaced it with a recondition exchange one and result no more over fueling which means no more dpf problems. My point is why didnt the others look at this or know you should check this s..t out. and second this guy has the lines on his face of age which equals proper know how knowledge.
Mr Steve B. in bury.
2014 Jaguar XF Sportbrake 3.0D
I cannot recommend Gary enough.  He sorted out a stubborn issue I had with the DPF and associated error faults on my vehicle after another supposedly specialist company had failed dismally.  His commitment to providing a first class service meant he stayed a lot longer than originally anticipated to make sure all the issues were resolved.  From the first conversation we had on the phone to completion of the job Gary inspired confidence and trust which proved to be the case.  I will not hesitate using his services again and making a recommendation to any of my friends.


Peter-zanty island Greece and Greater Manchester. Renault master Lwb vans.

I am an international transporter between the UK and zanty in Greece where i now live. I transport between Greece and the uk weekly and need the complete reliability of the vans as well as the most power and the best fuel economy possible. Gary remaps all our vans and runs full diagnostics whenever needed as they travel back to Manchester uk. His work is the best you can get and the vans have never let us down other than minor parts that have worn out due to wear and tear, and this has been so for the 4 years he has carried out this work for us. Everything he does is authentic using and only uses authentic tools and software and it shows. Very clever massively experienced mature auto technician and the right price for the real deal....highly recommended by us.

                      Graham. Rochdale. ford mondeo tdci 2.0 17/08/2018.

I contacted Gary about my Mondeo 2.0 tdci 130bhp as I was having problems with it cutting out. Straight away he had a rough idea of what it was and came to my house the next day to run a diagnostic on my car. After a couple of hours running tests he managed to find what the problem was and now my car runs a lot better and hasn't cut out yet. I would definitely recommend Gary as he knows what he's talking about and is very experianced and thorough with his work.

Mr. Craig Devine. wigan. 15/08/2018.

    I got in touch with Gary as we had just purchased a mondeo 2.2 197bhp but unfortunately we found out that the DPF had been removed and it had been remapped but they had put a really bad map on the car as it was massively over fueling and kicking out loads of black smoke plus numerous other problems with the ECU, every other company I went to could not find the original file for that variant even Ford wouldn't help us. Spoke with Gary on the phone and he said he was able to get the original file for that model. He came the next day and spent the whole day sorting out what the cowboys before had done to the car. the car is now running perfect and the mpg has doubled and it goes like a rocket. Cheers Gary your a star you have took a big weight of our shoulders thank you.  I Highly Recommend Gary he knows his stuff and only uses as he explained real authentic none clone bull ...t tools and software, and the map that had near on ruiend my cars ecu was a generec map from another car it came to light.  Cheers.
Charlene. m. whitworth. Rochdale. 31-05-2018.
[message] => Gary came out in less than 24 hours. Which is fabulous for us as we need the care for my daughter and family as we all do. Garage down the road wasnt a great help and very expensive. Gary fixed the problem which wasnt the problem the garage said it was. And Gary took pictures of evidence so i could see the problem as i was minding my daughter at the time. Done and drivable in 2hours. After it had been parked over 2 months waiting to be fixed by garage. Yay for Gary. Highly recommend. Great guy and funny too. Thank you. Number stored.
kathryn P. swinton. manchester. 29-05-2018
Peageout 307 1.6hdi. Gary came out and spent 3 hours diagnosing a tricky problem, he did not rush, he was truly honest and fair having spent 20mins on the phone to me thismorning just talking through the ins and outs. There are a lot of jokers out there, he is not one of them, he knows his profession and it shows in his workmanship. Spend your money somewhere where you will get honest experienced advice at a very fair rate. Thank you Gary. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Mark. T. in Tottington. Bury. Golf 2011 2.0 GTD.     6/1/2018

I contacted Gary to discuss having my golf gt mapped , although I knew what I wanted many other company’s had tried to sell maps that would be to much for the car , Gary’s advice was spot on and I decided to go ahead with the map , this done next day and the difference is Outstanding as well as saving fuel , a week or later I had a recurring issue with the dpf light coming only this time the car wouldn’t regen and went into limp mode , I rang Gary on Christmas Eve and although he wasn’t working he wa out to me me within an hour , despite issues either car , he was determined not to leave until it was sorted , to his credit he didn’t leave until it was sorted despite it being gone 6oclock on Christmas Eve and was goin off to see another customer , this guys service is second to none and I would recommend him to anyone

   Glyn.  Stockport. 7-12-2017
    Had my Land Rover Defender 2.2 power re-mapped today by Gary and what a boost he has given it. The pick up is fantastic !! Give Gary a call if you want your car or van remapped, you won’t be disappointed !!
Paula in bolton golf tdi. 5/122017 DPF problem p2002 code.
Had Gary chemically clean repair the dpf filter on my golf after it went in limp home mode, i was quoted £1630 for a replacement one. Or £750 to have it illegally take out some guy tried to convince me was the way to go until gary explained the full story of what kind of thing means and how not right it is, and also how unnecessary it is when it 90% could be cleaned. and then he came round and cleaned it on the car on my driveway and then regenerated it after the clean and then cleared all engine management codes and reset everything as it should be. A pleasant professional man who knows everything about a modern car. Great job at a fraction of renewing it. highly recommended guy and service. thank you.
 Phill & Vick in Middleton Audi A3 1.6Tdi Cabriolet. Middleton. 1st 11 2017.Can’t thank Gary enough after we had major issues with the egr valve amongst other things that meant the car was forever in limp Mode! His knowledge of motors is unbelievable and he’s such a genuine guy! He’s been in touch since completing the remap and other work he did to make sure everything is ok and we were happy with the service, we weren’t happy with it we are ecstatic with what he’s done! The car feels much better than she’s ever done and is so responsive, honestly if you need your car sorting give this man a ring don’t leave it to the cowboys out there!! Thanks Again Gary spot on mate and if we ever need anything to do with our cars your our 1st port of call can’t thank you enough.
Damon Knight. in Heywood. BMW 535d stock 286+50bhp=335.bhp.  19/09/2017.
I just want to say that Gary is the bees knees. He is always friendly,genuine, has tons of knowledge and is a mechanical genius, very tech savvy and over 20 years race engine building. Who else would you want to map your car??
He is and always ready to help. I have had 5 cars remapped by him and I tell you the truth, his knowledge in the industry is unrivalled. Some mappers out there use generic software to map your car which destroys the car but every map from Gary is unique like a finger print. other mappers actually buy the software from Gary place because they are the best induvidually hand crafted fiels you can buy using his safe map system, so no over tuning and all keep'd with in the engines tolerences.
I've just had my lci 535d mapped and all i can say is bloody hell what power and torque.
Gary is your man if you want any kind of remapping or diagnostics done and also dpf repairs.
Engineering Company. Rochdale. 13/08/17. DPF repair.
Gary of tech tuning northwest was contacted by our manager to come and inspect out Citroen daily delivery plat bed truck as it had gone in to what we know now as limp mode. This was due to the dpf blocking up with exhaust particulate as the truck has done 1840000 miles and as so thought it was going to be a brand new one and off the road for some time plus a tow truck journey to a garage. Gary came plugged it in to his star trek looking diagnostics tool and announced that the dpf diesel particulate filter had blocked as a device called the doser vapouriser valve had failed. He then put the truck up on very impressive mobile ramps his company had manufactured specially and took the whole dpf filter and system out off the truck and then the section the vapouriser is located and removed it to show us it was exactly what he said it would be and even the exact point he said it would be blocked  which it was and convinced us we have the right wise mature man for the job. He then told us the cost to replace the part and chemically clean the dpf filter then put it all back together and reinstall it on his back in our work shop and then read and clear all fault codes and run a regeneration. That afternoon the same truck was on its way down to southampton to deliver a very expensive completed machine repair that had been waiting for delivery for 6 days previously. So as we expressed to gary how impressed we was with what and how he had carried out what he had he told us that his website had this section if we would like to comment..and above is our experience which was great english ingenuity and standards.
Thank you so much for you're quick response help and fix.

Sue T. Holcombe brook. Bury. Ford Focus 1.6 tdci. 07/08/2017.

I'm not in the habit of leaving reviews on websites, however I felt it shouldn't go unsaid or noted, what an excellent service I have recently received from Gary via Tech Tuning Northwest.
I was at my wits end with an issue on my car .... Gary came out promptly conducted a full test, eliminating problem areas.
As it was an intermittent problem it was difficult to locate and Gary went away conducting his own research, checking along the way that certain items in my past  service history been addressed.
The fault was finally detected and Gary conducted a stress test for me.
His dedication and customer service was top notch, he checked how the car was running a few days later and ensured I had full confidence back in my car.
Thank you Gary your a shinning example of someone who believes in good customer service.

John..ford transit 2.2 tdci. hyde. Cheshire. 05/07/2017

Gary turned up on time, nice friendly chap he did me a remap, egr delete and speed limit removal on my van great service and worked a treat.

Rick in Bury. 11/04/2017

Had DPF forced regeneration  work done on my  4x4 Gary turned up exactly on time and Carried out work on my vehicle the service provided is fast and efficient and definable worth the money , Gary is very very knowledgable and helpful guy would recommend  Tech Tuning to anyone.

Mitsubishi ASX DI-D 4X4 2017.

Just want say thanks for the work done on my car! It is a totally diffrent car to drive now. I'm really impressed - the car pulls in every gear at any speed. The traction control has got a lot to do, because wheels spins even at 3rd gear! Thanks again, and will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking better experience with their car.

                            MARK. BOLTON. BMW 320D .2016


Thanks for the re-map yesterday. It's early days, but the performance on the way home was superb. Even with the dsg box, pick up in 3rd, 4th and 5th gear was rapid to say the least. I will monitor the fuel economy over the coming months, but can cruise easily at 70 mph and only showing 2000 on the rev counter. Thanks and, all the best!

                                                  BRIAN. SALFORD. transit 2.2tdi.


Had the Audi A4 out today on a big run and loved the new performance. Really notice the difference especially on kick down when over taking or away from the lights....good work Cheers for the car changing work and coming to my work to do it, it made it very easy to have it done.

        SCOTT in radcliffe.


Had a full dpf system delete and egr off service plus
a remap. The car is performing exceptionally well after
this. More mpg and excellent power.
Gary explained everything well and is very knowledgeable
plus he kept in touch after to see how the car was running.
Fixed a DPF warning light I had on dashboard and did one thing that I have never seen a mechanic do. Gary contacted me day later to ask if the car was fine. Very professional and knowledgeable person. You can see that straight from first time you call him.
Wilson taxi driver. Failsworth.

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